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Anonymous asked: Super inexperienced girl, just a quick question... How do you give head like... Good I guess haha.

I’d love to help but I haven’t sucked a cock before. However, I do enjoy having mine sucked;) I don’t think I could really give you any useful tips. Sorry.

Anonymous asked: You are so selfish, having that enormous cock all to yourself, you should be sharing it with me so my pussy can have a play mate. You dick is so large and beautiful, I'd suck that baby so hard mmmm yeah

I’m not selfish in the bedroom….trust me ;)

Anonymous asked: Can I sit on your face, and ride your tongue?

That is one of my favorite things in the world. I wish I could do that as a full time job. My tongue could use a good ride right now.

Anonymous asked: If I stuck my boobs in your face, what would you do with them? ;)

What wouldn’t I do with them?

Anonymous asked: Mmm, just had a look at your nudes and your cock is perfect, so big and thick. Perfect for me to ride and have around my mouth, my pussy is becoming real wet thinking of the pleasure I'd receive from that enormous juicy fine piece of dick. xx

Thank you. I’m glad you like them.

Anonymous asked: I need someone to fuck my wet pussy so hard that I scream 😍

That sounds like fun ;)

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